Take instant photos from multiple devices with SynSnap

Have you ever thought to take photos at the same moment?

SynSnap: take photos from different devices synchronously

Every moment is unique.
Try to take photos of the same object at the same moment.
Try to take photos of different objects from different locations at the same moment.
It's fun!

Create a session

Share the link to the session with anybody
Scan QR-code with another device
Add friends to the session yourself

Open cameras

Wait when everyone is ready to take a shot
You can see small previews on your device from other devices
You can use chat directly in the camera

Take a shot

When everyone is ready...
Press the button!
All devices connected to the session will take photos synchronously


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Photo sessions





Start screen

The Start screen provides various functions.

  • Create a new session
    You can create any number of sessions but we would recommend completing them before creating a new one.
  • Share session link with anybody. Anyone who opens the link will join to your photo session.
  • Show session QR-code on your device and scan the QR-code from another device. Another device will join the photo session and open the camera.
  • If you already have friends on SynSnap, you will see the list of your friends right here, ordered alphabetically, or by time. You can also see people nearby who use SynSnap. This allows you to add them to your photo session automatically. They will get a notification to join.

When your session is created, people are invited - you are ready to take synchronous photos.

Camera screen

It's where the magic happens.

Inside the camera, you can see different controls.

  • Flash Button: you can use set it On/Off/Auto. It works the same as a usual camera.
  • Avatars and Previews: you can see people who joined to the session and small previews from their cameras. It gives you the information that someone is prepared.
  • Session chat: you can chat with attendees inside the camera. It's very helpful, especially if you are in different locations.
  • Delay Button: you can choose Instant mode, 3 seconds delay, or 10 seconds delay. In the Instant mode, devices will take a photo immediately. And if you selected a delay - all will see the count down on your screens before taking a photo.
    Only the session owner can change this mode. Other people just see it.
  • You can choose between Back and Front cameras.

Only the session owner can initiate the synchronous shot.
When the session owner presses the 'Take photo' button - his device sends a signal to take photos.
When other attendees press the 'Take photo' button - it works like a normal camera.

Sessions screen

Here you can find all sessions where you are an owner or invited/joined.

Unfinished sessions are always at the top.
All other sessions are grouped by date.
There are several options are available:

  • You can leave or delete any session anytime. The session will be deleted if there are no other people joined to it.
  • You can share a session with someone.
  • A session owner can 'Re-take' a session with the same people. They will get a notification. So you can easily repeat the previous session if something went not as expected.

You can search sessions by name or filter them: show all or only your sessions.

When you tap on a session - it will open either the Camera screen (for unfinished) or the Collage maker screen.

Collage maker

It's time to be creative.

When a photo session is over - photos from your devices are uploaded to the cloud storage.
When you open the collage maker - you will get these photos to your device automatically.
Initially, the app will select a suitable layout automatically, depending on the number of photos. But then you can do with them whatever you want:

  • Choose another layout if the automatic does not suit you
  • Add additional photos from a gallery
  • Move, Resize, Rotate, change images order
  • Change background: either a solid color or another photo
  • Double-tap on images opens image options: you can change border width, color, and radius; shadow; move photos up and down
  • You can draw over the image, add a text, emojis, or pictures.

Finally, you can share your collage worldwide.


Our Great Team

Sergey Chehuta

CEO, iOS Developer

Ivan Gerasymchuk

Android Developer

Vyacheslav Koldovskyy

Backend/Frontend Developer

Anna Chekhuta



Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to create a session?

    You create a new session on the screen "Start".
    The app generates a session name for you which you can change.
    If you create one more session - it will become active.
    Both finished and unfinished photo sessions could be found on the screen "Sessions".

  • There are several ways:
    Share a link. when anybody opens a link he will be added to the session and can take photos with you.
    Show QR code on your device and scan it with another one.
    Invite friends from the "Start" screen with a single touch.
    Invite anyone around you if they allowed invitations from strangers.

  • When you touch the button to take a photo - the app sends a signal to other devices who opened the same photo session and all of you are taking photos at once.
    It could be "Instant" - no delay at all, or 3, or 10 seconds. The delay allows other participants to prepare.
    Only the session owner can initiate a synchronous photo.
    When other people press the photo button - it works as a usual camera.

  • When you are in the camera - you can chat with other participants. It is a very useful feature that allows you to decide together what and when you are going to shot.

  • It's completely up to you.
    You can switch on "Preview mode" and you will see a small image from other participants' cameras.
    Your device also will send preview photos every 10 seconds.
    The preview size is small enough but if you have a bad internet connection it's recommended to switch it off

  • There is no way to add a friend manually.
    You become friends with other people automatically when you take photos together.
    So, first, you have to either share a link or show and scan QR-code. Then another person has to accept it and make synchronous photos with you.

  • You can remove or block a friend on the screen "Friends".
    The REMOVE action can be undone if you take a part in the photo session again - you will be friends again.
    The BLOCK action cannot be undone and you will never be friends again. You still can participate in the same photo session if you open the same link or scan QR-code.

  • Anyone with a session link.
    We are planning to add a feature to make private photo sessions.

  • Currently no :-)
    But we are going to add such a feature in future releases.

  • At the moment, you can move, resize, rotate images in the app.
    However, you can try an experimental layout editor on our website. If you understood how to use it and created something beautiful - you can send to us the resulting JSON and we will include it to the app.


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